RoboClerk 1.2

RoboClerk SMAutomated Software that WORKS!TMGot a basic cash...

RoboClerk SMAutomated Software that WORKS! TMGot a basic cash register? Got QuickBooks Pro? Want an easy way to balance the cash register and easily import that data automatically into QuickBooks?

Want a way to create a concise weekly sales report in seconds? RoboClerk may be able to help. This software package will simplify your store`s bookkeeping.

It is 3 tools rolled into one easy-to-use system: It simplifies and speeds up cash register balancing. It takes your cash register balancing information and imports it directly into QuickBooks Pro.

It will combine the daily information into a useful weekly report in seconds. Our ;enter data once; approach will save hours of labor each week.

For more details of how the software works, we suggest you view ouronline presentation. Click here to download RoboClerknow and give it a try.

Use of the software requires QuickBooks Pro 2003 or greater and Microsoft Excel 2000 or greater. Need help getting started? Click here to see the User`s Manual.

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